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Time: 2015-04-28

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On the weekends, maybe you will choose to meet three or five friends, gather for dinner, sing k, and watch movies; maybe you will rely on reading books, cooking at home, and sleeping late at night; maybe you will do nothing and lie down Dazed on the bed, brushing the circle of friends. However, today is not a weekend. I just need to figure it out. It's time for you to reach this circle of friends. Because last weekend, Yue Shengren had a "big play" again!

In the spirit of "Unity and Challenge Oneself", Yue Sheng's elites came to the Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy training camp on the 18th and 19th to carry out a two-day and one-night field development training. Below I will send you two live photos first.



Today, the editor is very fortunate to invite the two captains in the development training, thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules, as a guest Tianma small broadcast, to personally describe the shock and moving brought by this outdoor expansion.


闫大队长。 First of all we invited the representative of the boys --- Captain Yan.

Reporter: Do you remember this expansion process?

印象非常的深刻,我想我永远都不会忘记和大家一起渡过的这两天。 Yan: I am very impressed. I think I will never forget the two days I spent with you.

At the beginning we all went by bus. There were jokes and jokes on the road, and everyone was very happy. 个人分成了6个小队,这次我很荣幸的当上了3队的队长。 When I arrived at the destination, I was about to complete the team, and then stood in a military position. 88 people were divided into 6 teams. This time I was honored to be the captain of 3 teams. Then it's time for lunch.

那在用餐的过程中有没有什么特别需要注意的地方? Reporter: Is there anything special that needs attention during the meal?

我们进食堂之后都得先站着,不能说吃就让你马上吃,得念餐前训。 Yan: We all have to stand first after entering the cafeteria. If you ca n’t say, let ’s eat right away. You have to read the pre-dinner training. In addition, it is forbidden to talk and eat with small gestures.

Reporter: What is pre-meal training?

餐前训一共四句。 Yan: There are four sentences before the meal.

No military well will be dug,

The military stove will not be hungry if it is not on;

Rain is not covered, and snow is not covered with fur.

The soldiers warm and cold, always remember my heart.

Reporter: What test your project in the expansion process?

一共有4个项目。 Yan: There are 4 projects in total.

:拆核弹。 Item 1 : Demolition of nuclear bombs. Test the team for cooperation. As long as there is a mistake in the whole process, the captain will be punished to do push-ups. The number of push-ups will continue to increase with your mistakes, and the physical exertion will be large;

:步步为营。 Item 2 : Step by step. To test the morale, positive energy transmission, and perseverance of the team, the orders must be consistent.

:沙场点兵。 Item 3 : Soldiers on the battlefield. Test the team's execution and the uniformity of communication standards between superiors and subordinates. 人,一人为司令(背对战场,说话),一人为指挥官(面对战场,不可说话),一人为士兵(蒙着眼,按照司令的话做事,不可说话); Each team sends 3 people, one for the commander (back to the battlefield, talking), one for the commander (facing the battlefield, not talking), and one for the soldier (blindfold, do what the commander says, not talking)

:穿越火线。 Item 4 : Cross the line of fire. 个人为一个大队,我们的队名是:亮剑队。 88 people are a big team, our team name is: Liang Jian team. Our slogan is: meet on the narrow road, the brave wins. This project stipulates that only the captain can speak, and no one else can speak. I am honored and trusted by everyone to be elected as the captain of the finale project.

最后一个项目大家用了多长时间完成呢? Reporter : How long did it take to complete the last project?

一开始我们也是会不断的犯错,然后不断的总结经验,最后仅用了27分钟便突破重围,这个过程真的是非常的艰辛。 Yan: At the beginning, we will continue to make mistakes, and then continuously summarize our experience. In the end, it took only 27 minutes to break through the siege. This process is really very difficult.

Reporter: What do you think is the biggest gain from this event?

我觉得自己的领导能力得到了大大的提升。 Yan: I think my leadership ability has been greatly improved. 临危不乱,面对所有的问题都不能逃避,我觉得这次是一个非常好的锻炼机会。 When the captain wants to set an example, he must be in danger, and he cannot escape from all the problems. I think this is a very good exercise opportunity.

Reporter: Which link made you most impressed and moved the most?

穿越火线那个环节真的让我印象非常深刻。 Yan: The link across the line of fire really impressed me. 没有丝毫的埋怨。 More than 80 people, everyone listened to the command very much, without any complaints.

Reporter: I heard that the captain's punishment is very strict during the event. Have you ever thought about giving up for a moment?

没有。 Yan: No. I am also a leader in my work. I have never thought about who to abandon. I will not give up easily regardless of whether my ability is good or bad. For my team, I often warn them that it is not terrible to fail once, but the same mistakes must never be made. Don't commit a second time.

Note: OK, thank you very much Captain Yan for taking the time to visit during your busy schedule, thank you.

赵大队长。 Next, we invited heavyweight guests to the Tianma Small Broadcasting Studio, and welcomed representatives from the girls' team, Captain Zhao.


Although the two-day and one-night field development training has ended, we cannot erase the deep feelings of everyone. They united, helped each other, and moved forward, moving everyone present.

永不放弃的精神也深深的感到了大家。 Thank you to the two captains for their dedication and commitment in this field expansion. Although the editors did not participate in it, your solidarity and the spirit of never giving up deeply felt everyone. Let's show you the wonderful moment of Yue Shengren's field expansion now!

The male and female representatives paid the highest respect to the Yue Sheng elites who participated in this event.


During the training session, everyone sat on the side of the road to rest.


Team project: Demolition.


Team project: step by step.


Who says women are worse than men? Who said that Rousheng couldn't win? Since ancient times, she has not allowed her to frown. Cheers to Yue Sheng's sisters !



Meet the brave on the narrow road to win! 奔跑吧,岳胜人 Everyone is the bravest member of the Yue Sheng family. In the days to come, let us unite and work together and run, Yue Shengren !


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